With SPIN-O, there’s no need
to compromise when it comes to freshness and authentic taste.

SPIN-O delivers an exceptional Italian zing to any get-together, whether indoors or outdoors.

With its gas-fueled burner and minimal preheat time, it makes serving a fresh Italian pizza possible in minutes!

SPIN-O is a portable, gas-fueled miniature pizza oven, weighing in at 88 pounds and measuring only 20 inches by 20 inches, it boasts the capabilities of a Neapolitan pizza oven.
SPIN-O with top SPIN-O without top


Made from cast iron that holds temperature for extended amounts of time and provides supreme durability.


Thanks to its three diffusors, the preheat time has been cut down to mere 20 minutes.


Easy to clean and disassemble. SPIN-O can be taken apart in under two minutes.


Includes a rotational floor, for even pizza baking and optimal taste.


The ins and the outs

At a mere 40 kg in weight, SPIN-O is a portable, gas-fueled miniature pizza oven, boasting the same abilities as the treasured full-sized, Neapolitan pizza oven. Many competitors have created ovens that produce messy black soot while cooking. However, SPIN-O ovens are carefully crafted with a gas burner that has full combustion, allowing for a clean, soot-free cooking experience and easy cleanup. Made from cast iron that holds temperature for an extended amount of time, this miniature oven is incredibly durable and allows for the enjoyment of other dishes as well. You can cook a slow-roast chicken, ham or fish, and experience the same authentic mouthwatering taste, right in the comfort of your own home. SPIN-O includes a rotational floor, for even pizza-baking and optimal taste for every dish. It truly brings the elegance and flavor of restaurant cuisine into your home, or wherever life may take you. With its minimal, 20 minute preheat time, as well as 90 second cooking time, cooking with this oven means that you will spend less time in the kitchen, and more time sharing laughs and treasuring moments with your family and friends. SPIN-O allows for an enriched gathering experience, creating lasting memories with your friends and family that include a bit of Italian culture and zest. Whether you are at home, on a boat, or relaxing on the beach, SPIN-O never fails to deliver delicious, savory pizza for you and your guests.


SPIN-O is incredibly durable and maintains temperature longer, allowing you to cook many mouth-watering, slow-roast dishes.

Equipped with
a rotational floor

SPIN-O provides even-baking
for ultimate flavor, every time.

Minimal preheat and
cooking time

20 minute preheat time and 90 second
cooking time, you’ll have more time to spend treasured moments with your family and friends.