The story

An initial spark of desire to create an experience unheard of before, fueled an entire fire that lead brothers Pawel and Bartek to start a business and provide a new approach to cooking fresh, delectable pizza.


The brothers dream up the Custom Pizza Truck.


CPT is open for business, bringing the joy of Italian pizza with its full-size Neapolitan oven.


The team perfects how to run a successful food truck.


CPT’s success skyrockets, finding themselves booked by music festivals across Poland.

Beginning in 2014, oldest brother Pawel dreamt of creating the most unique food truck the world had ever seen. This food truck would provide a brand new way to experience one of the world’s most beloved dishes—pizza. The story continues as Pawel phoned his younger brother, Bartek, who was studying business in the United States. Pawel told his brother about his new-found plan, and Bartek was immediately on board. After purchasing a used freightliner truck, the vessel was shipped to Europe, where construction began and the dream took its first steps towards becoming a reality.


The idea of bringing CPT pizza to peoples’ homes first sparks.

2016 - 2017

The team works tirelessly to create a portable Neapolitan oven, dubbed the SPIN-O.


CPT’s success continues to build, being named a top 5 pizza truck in Poland.


The team works on patenting, trademarking, and creating the final prototype for SPIN-O.

In 2016, Pawel and Bartek combined their years of experience with metal construction skills. The result? SPIN-O; a portable, gas-fueled, miniature version of the beloved Neapolitan pizza oven.